Harry & Marvin out for a stroll through the neighborhood
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We strongly believe that all dogs need regularly scheduled, structured exercise. Introducing your dog to a consistent exercise regime is a great way to help her/him develop and maintain a healthy body and temperament.

And, having your dog walked with The Tail Trail is a great way to provide your dog with the exercise that she/he needs.
Daily exercise is essential to keeping your dog healthy, both mentally and physically. Exercise improves your dog’s overall well-being by helping build muscle tone and by helping prevent depression, obesity, joint problems, heart conditions and behavioral issues.

In fact, establishing a Walking program with The Tail Trail has proven to reduce and/or eliminate bad behavior, especially in high energy breeds and puppies!  
We offer 2 service options:
  • 30 minute Visit 
  • 60 minute Visit

Most of our clients opt for the 30 minute visit, however, for puppies and higher energy breeds, a 60 minute visit might work better.  We're most often contracted to walk our clients' dogs Monday through Friday, when they're at work (usually between 11am & 2pm).  

In addition to our walking / exercising your dog(s)
 The Tail Trail will:

  • Ensure that your dog has ample water;
  • Administer medication, if necessary;
  • Clean and dispose of any 'accident;'

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